Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Thought Bubble Part 2 *less cosplayers more stuff*

This blog was written by: Chibi-Chan

Now that I have satisfied you with the cosplay pictures, I can get onto telling you about some of the other amazing stuffs we did.

Here's a quick list of amazing things stuffs we did.

1) Met some big name artists/authors
2) Met some independent artist/authors
3) Got some coolio sketches done from a mix of the both
4) Met some just awesome people....
5)Buy lunch at tesco
6) Buy stuff
7) Watch roller girls
8) Walk around enjoying the awesome
9) Go to after party
10) Dance to the A- team
11) Come back Sunday and repeat mostly up to no.8

But here's a picture of my own personal favourite purchase... a really cute (but called scary) Panda mask made by this cute girl at a cool stall. I wanted her other masks too much didn't have enough money, what with spending it on apparently nothing...? Yeah, I don't know how it happened but all my money flew away and I'm not quite sure where. Next year I am going to have to save up before going...gah! Sensible saving idea?! That'll never stick...

See isn't it cute? So Kawaii? No? Fine. Have more roller girls.

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